móveo has taken a specific path for developing talents.

The company’s goal is to contribute to develop useful proficiencies in the digital economics and to train the future professionals in the area thanks to a real Talent’s Academy.

The most worthy recent graduates will have the chance to immediately join the company and start a top level journey in the world of work.

Academy’s first step is internship: internship at the company is a professional training period that provides the intern a chance to gain experience in the working and business areas.
Through internship at the company, the intern will acquire professionalism facing a practical training which finalises his studies, naturally focused on theoretical knowledge.
Furthermore, internship at mòveo is useful for the interns in order to test his own proficiencies on the field and understand if this is the appropriate work context for them.

The intern will be placed in the most suitable role according to his studies. He will be guided by professionals that will have the main goal of developing all his potential. The intern will also have the chance to train with mòveo in order to significantly speed up his own proficiencies growing.